You are looking at the most lucrative self-employment opportunity in America. As a registered independent sales agent with Banc Certified Merchant Services, you will be able to offer businesses of all sizes and industries the most competitive credit card processing rates and services in the industry. We also offer a plethora of client acquisition,  customer retention, and business-building tools only available through BCMS.

As a BCMS independent sales agent, you get to enjoy the freedom of working for yourself and truly earning what you are worth. Our unmatched compensation plan includes;

  • Generous upfront commissions paid out either bi-weekly, weekly and monthly based on the individual product sold and bonus presented every month! 
  • Earn huge monthly bonus overrides on the sales efforts of sub-agents whom you recruit as part of your own ISO sales agency. We have ISO’s who sign up banks and other credit card processing agencies who produce sales. The BCMS earns bonus overrides on the efforts of others.
  • Need to earn good money every week? No problem. We offer an amazing portfolio of products that give our agents the ability to earn thousands of dollars weekly. These commissions are separate and independent of monthly residual income.
  • Finally, you earn FULLY VESTED, MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME paid for as long as each of your customers use BCMS. These commissions are paid to you for the lifetime of each account.

Most Generous Compensation Plan In The Industry

This is a truly unique earnings opportunity. Our zero percent, no-fee credit card processing solution provides BCMS sales agents the ability to earn 200% and up to 500% more in monthly residual income when compared to traditional merchant processing compensation plans.

Why is this true? Because traditional banks and processors earn revenue only on rates markup above true interchange. This means that sales agents like you are paid on average .50 up to .80 basis points above true Visa/Mastercard interchange on the entire transaction dollar volume in that agent’s portfolio of business. Compare that to BCSM sales agents who earn on average from 1.15 basis points upwards to 2.50 basis points on the exact same credit card processing volume.

If you are currently working for another payment processor, we invite your compare our full scope portfolio of services and pay plan to your current employer.

  • No upfront investment to get started.
  • Comprehensive webinar-based training provided to all new agents — free of cost every week.
  • Learn from top BCMS agents who earn tens of thousands in monthly income.
  • We have over 30 independent sales agents who became millionaires working for BCMS. Discover exactly what they did step-by-step to achieve their goals.
  • Get paid via electronic deposit. Never wait for a check to come in the mail.
  • Over 36,000 satisfied customers across North America and Europe.
  • BCMS holds a triple ‘A rating’ with the Better Business Bureau.

Based on achieving monthly target sales goals your target first year earnings should range between $120,000 and $180,000 per year. Top producers earn well in excess of $300,000 annually.

Daily Responsibilities

Consult with clients, mentor and help business owners: (1) attract and retain loyal customers through the integration of revenue producing BCMS products, (2) demonstrate through merchant statement audits and cost comparison proposals how BCMS can help them maximize profits on every sale, (3) dominate their competitors and (4) accomplish all of the above with no upfront capital investment!

If interested, please call 303-257-4484 or fill out the form below and we will contact you.