What Is BCMS Check 180 Financing?

Have you ever watched a customer try to decide if they can afford your product or service? The purchase could be anything; an unexpected auto repair, a life-saving medical procedure for a family pet, new furniture, a dental procedure, an unexpected funeral expense, a computer or major appliance, etc.

In this challenging economy, consumers need an affordable payment option. When your customer faces a financial predicament, the BCMS Check 180 Financing plan offers the perfect solution.

Customers are given an opportunity to purchase the products or services they need today with the convenience of stretching out their payments over a six month period (180 days).

This is not a layaway program, but a way for prospective customers to actually buy from your store today and take possession of the merchandise while you, the merchant get paid up to $2,500 upfront. 

*The exact amount a merchant is paid upfront can vary from $2,500 if a check-imaging terminal is used to process the transaction; or up to $1,500 upfront if the transaction is approved via the Internet. 

How Sales Are Approved

  1. Instead of your customer’s personal credit report being the basis for approval, two different criteria are used;
    1. Proof of employment as can be verified by two of their most recent paystubs, and
    2. Proof of a valid checking account that has remained in good standing for no less than 60 days. A personal credit is NOT necessary.

Customer approval time is determined within five (5) minutes of inquiry.

The BCMS Check 180 Financing Solution is perfect for businesses that sell high ticket merchandise or services ranging in value from a few hundred dollars up to $10,000 per each purchase.

 What Are The Fees & Costs?

Based on the total purchase price a customer can pay as little as 15% upfront (for a total purchase amount not exceeding $1500) plus a $35.00 one-time Customer ARC Fee. The unsettled balance is paid over the duration of the plan.

The remaining 85% balance owed to be paid by the customer will be split up into weekly or either bi-weekly payments over the six-month term. It’s up to the merchant to decide whether the customer pays weekly or bi-weekly installments. Payments are automatically debited from the shopper’s bank account in approximate 7 day or 14 day increments from the date of purchase.

To read a full product description, visit the website link featured below to download the PDF document.